Access Control for Home or Business in Clearwater, FL

Keeping your Clearwater, Florida Business and Home Safe Is a Priority

Home security camera

We can install security cameras in and around your home and business.

One of the ways that you can do this is through an access control system. The system that you choose has to be one that provides more than one level of security. In the past, businesses could rely on a single locked door to keep things safe, but this isn’t the case now. Instead, you need to think about all of the ways that unscrupulous people might try to get through to your company’s assets.

Anderson Access can help you to find an access control system that gives you peace of mind and offers the security that you need. The certified technicians are licensed and insured, which should provide you with the assurance that your best interests are at the heart of the recommendations.

Using a Multifaceted Access Control System

There are a few different components to a good access control system. You need high-security locks, security cameras, and intercoms. Anderson Access, which has 24-hour mobile service and a brick-and-mortar location, offers a full product line from trusted companies like Cansec, Linear, Honeywell, and Paxton to ensure you are relying on quality equipment.

Picking the Actual Equipment

Choosing the actual equipment you are going to use means that you need to take the purpose of the access control system into account. Fingerprint locks and biometric locks provide entry only to the actual individuals. Short of cutting off a finger or dragging someone to the lock to use their fingerprint, there isn’t a way for other people to access these locks.

Magnetic locks, proximity card readers, keyless door locks, and other keyless entry methods all rely on a person having a card or access code. These might be a bit easier to bypass since a person could hand their card to another person or provide the code to someone else.

You can also keep an eye on who is moving through the access control areas by using CCTV, security camera, and intercoms. Video surveillance cameras can let you watch access points from afar. These network cameras also allow you to rewind footage to see who goes in and out when.

Overall, your access control system has to be customized to your business. The security professionals at Anderson Access can help you find the optimal solutions.