Surveillance Systems

Keep An Eye on Your Home and Business With Professional Surveillance Equipment

Image of 2 surveillance cameras and a monitor

We install all types and sizes of surveillance systems for your home and business that include CCTV cameras and all types of monitors.

Gone are the days when you could trust that people would do what they were supposed to do. These days, you have to keep an eye on your home or business to ensure that people aren’t trying to steal from you, access confidential information, get into restricted areas without authorization, or harm people. One way that you can do this by installing a surveillance system in these locations.

The increased security you can enjoy is only going to be as good as the surveillance system equipment you choose. You can’t install low-quality equipment and think that you will have the same benefits and footage as high-quality equipment.

Security CCTV Cameras

Anderson Access provides a variety of services to the residents and business owners in St Petersburg, Florida. You can count on the certified and licensed technicians to install video surveillance equipment and to repair surveillance cameras. To make the entire process of installation, maintenance, and repair easier, there is a physical location in the area, as well as an around-the-clock mobile service that can come to your home or office.

Security CCTV cameras, including those that are WiFi enabled, can provide you with footage on a continual basis. On top of deciding what type of surveillance equipment you need, you also have to determine how you want the footage provided to you.

Some systems utilize a DVR to record the footage. You could then refer to the files on that DVR if you need to pull up a specific time and location. You might choose to have the footage sent to your cellphone or computer. Other systems might record the video on an actual tape or disk.

When you work with Anderson Access for your surveillance needs, you can choose from some of the most reputable brands in the industry. Cansec, Honeywell, Paxton, and Linear are some of the brands that are offered. You just have to decide the locations for the cameras and what type of system you need.