Access Control Services In Tarpon Springs, FL

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Security systems are a necessary and worthwhile investment if you want to keep your business and home safe. While many people think that it is sufficient to just throw a camera up on the wall and hope for the best, this type of reactive security can do more harm than good. A better type of security for homes and businesses alike is access control. This proactive method of security puts you in control of your means of egress. You can even control access to specific rooms and spaces if you ask Anderson Access to set up your system that way.

There Are Many Access Control Options

When you are trying to decide what type of access control you need, take the time to think about your security goals. If your goal is to simply limit access, using a keyed or keyless lock will probably suffice. You can increase the security here by opting for a high-security measure like a fingerprint lock.

If your goal is to control access and keep an eye on things, you might need to add video surveillance to your system. CCTV and network cameras are two options that you have. You can have the video footage recorded so you can review it later. You can likely even have it set up to allow you to remotely view it.

You also have the option of putting intercoms into the areas with access control. You might find that being able to speak to the people who want to enter a certain area is a helpful ability to have. A two-way intercom could allow back and forth communication.

Our Technicians are Certified and Licensed

Once you decide what type of components you need in your access control system, you can work with an access control technician who keeps your project’s needs in mind. Anderson Access has certified, licensed, and insured technicians who are ready to get moving on your project. They work with some of the biggest and most trusted names in the business, including Cansec, Linear, Paxton, and Honeywell. With a physical location and 24-hour mobile service, you can count on us for all your access control needs.