Door Buzzer System Installation, Service, and Repair

We Are Door Buzzer System Experts

There are many advantages to installing a door buzzer system in your home or business. Such technology offers a convenient way to know who is standing at your door before they even knock or ring a doorbell. Your system will automatically alert you when someone is at the door, and you can even choose the door chime sound the system will use to alert you. The volume is adjustable so you can raise it or lower it depending on your situation. For instance, if you just put the baby down for a nap you can lower the volume of the sound during nap time and raise it afterward. Whether you need a residential or commercial door buzzer system, Anderson Security will find a solution that fits your needs.

Door Buzzer Access Control System Installation

Door Buzzer Systems installed

Here is an example of a door buzzer system. Users can request access to your door from outside.

The professionals at Anderson Security offer installation and repair for all types of state-of-the-art door buzzer access control systems. We’ll help you choose a system that fits your needs and budget. We handle all aspects of the installation from wiring to ensuring your buzzer system is working properly before we leave your property. If you’re having a problem with your system, we will assess the problem and make the necessary repairs so your system will be up and running again.

Wired Versus Wireless Door Buzzer Systems

You may wonder if you should upgrade your wired door buzzer to a wireless system. Understanding the advantages of each system can help you decide.

Hard Wired Door Buzzer

intercom image

Intercoms and Aiphone systems can be tied into your electric strike to allow electronic access.

A wired door buzzer or commercial intercom system is usually more reliable and requires less maintenance than a wireless system. A wired system offers the following:

  • HD Video
  • High-Quality Audio
  • Fast Communication Between the Door and
  • Tenant/Owner
  • Door Buzzing

More advanced wired systems, often used in larger buildings, offer additional benefits including doorman call, second camera viewing and light switching in the hallway.

More About Wireless Door Buzzer Entry Systems

Wireless door buzzer systems are connected to the internet or a phone line. They are capable of sending audio to a landline or audio and video to a mobile phone. The advantage of a wireless system is that you can answer your door from an application installed on your mobile phone. You can also monitor any activity around your door from your phone which adds peace of mind when you’re away or can’t answer the door. The major disadvantage of a wireless system is that there may be more maintenance involved. If you choose a wireless system, you can be confident Anderson Security will take care of any maintenance issues.

Electronic Security Pros In FL You Can Trust

Always make sure you’re working with licensed technicians that are insured to receive superior service at a fair price. That’s what you’ll get with Anderson Security. In addition to our walk-in office, we also offer a convenient 24-hour mobile service to residents and businesses in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater, FL. We offer reputable brands such as Aiphone, Honeywell, Linear, Paxton, and Cansec. When you contact Anderson Security, you can rest assured we’ll make your security needs are our top concern and will complete the installation or repair of your door buzzer system to your satisfaction.