Security Gates

Security Gates Are An Important Security Investment

image of a large commercial-type security gate

We can install automatic and manual security gates for your commercial property and help you keep unwanted visitors out.

Keeping your home or business safe is something you must do. In some cases, the best way to keep your property safe is to install security gates around your property. With a gate access control system, gates can help to stop a vehicle, and in some cases pedestrians, from crossing onto your property.

The decision about security gate access is one that you can’t take lightly. There are many different types that you can use to keep your St Petersburg, Florida property. One of the primary decisions that you have to make is whether you want to use one that is manually operated or automatic.

Automatic Security Gates

If you choose an option with a gate access control system, you have more decisions to make. Do you want an automatic gate that requires a person to allow the gate to open? Do you need a remote gate entry system that uses a code or card to allow instant access without an operator present? Do you need a front gate intercom system to go with the automatic gates?

image of a decorative residential security gate

We can also install decorative security gates for your home.

When you are planning a project of this magnitude, it is best to think about the full scope of the project from the start. Think about what your needs might be in the future. You don’t want to install vehicle gate access control components now only to find that you need to change them in a couple of years. Instead, try to anticipate what you will need in the future and find an option that can grow to meet those needs or one that is already up to those specifications.

You also have to decide who you are going to turn to for the installation, maintenance, and repair of these security gates. Anderson Access, a company with a physical presence that carries reputable brands like Cansec, Honeywell, Paxton, and Linear, has certified and licensed technicians who can help you from planning and installation to upkeep and repair. Best of all, the 24-hour mobile service brings the technicians right to you when you need it.