Alarm Systems & Home Security

Keep Your Home Secure With Alarms

image of a home security system

Here’s an example of a home security system with motion detectors, control panel, an IP surveillance camera, and a smartphone app that is used to monitor and interact with the system.

You need to make sure that your St Petersburg, Florida home is safe and secure all the time, even when you aren’t there. Alarms are one option that you have to help you do this. The home and business security system you choose is directly related to the level of security you can enjoy.


Business & Home Alarm Systems


Alarms can let intruders know that you’re paying attention to what’s going on in the home. You can also opt to have an off-site monitoring company keep an eye on the home through the alarms. If the alarm is triggered, the monitoring company can alert the appropriate authorities. Alarms not only let you know about intruders, but they also alert you if there’s a fire or a high level of carbon monoxide in the home.


As you can imagine, alarms can do more than just protect your belongings. They can also keep the people in your home protected. One example is a carbon monoxide alarm that will alert you if there’s is a leak. Since carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless you won’t always be aware the levels have reached toxic levels.


Another thing that you might have to decide about the alarm you are going to use is whether you want an audible alarm. These alarms make a noise when the system is tripped, which might scare intruders off. This is something that even the most basic alarm can do. The audible alarms let you know that there’s an intruder is on the premises, so you can take appropriate action. You can alert the authorities yourself or you can have the monitoring company alert the police. You can also have audible alarms for fires and smoke. Which can also save your life.


Choosing the right installer for the alarms is crucial since you need to know they are done properly. Anderson Access has certified and licensed professionals who can help you with all of your alarm needs. With a physical location and a 24-hour mobile service, Anderson Access can take care of you at our location or yours.


Your Home Deserves the Best Security System

image of a residential alarm system components: smoke and C02 detectors, control panel, motion detectors, cameras and a key fob controller.

We can install a residential alarm system with components like these: smoke and C02 detectors, control panel, motion detectors, cameras, and a key fob controller.

Your home is your castle and it deserves the best protection you can find. A home security system is one way that you can try to keep your domain safe. Choosing the best home security system isn’t as hard as some people might think. The certified security technicians at Anderson Access are here to help St Petersburg, Florida homeowners find solutions that work for their needs.


Home security camera systems help you to keep your home under your watchful eye. There is a variety of camera options that you can choose from. No matter what features and style you need, you must opt for a reputable brand, such as Honeywell, Cansec, and Linear.


Honeywell home security systems can utilize indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or both. This just depends on what areas you want to keep an eye on. Outdoor cameras are ideal for entryways. Indoor cameras make excellent nanny cams.


Once you decide where the cameras will be placed, you can decide on the features. Outdoor cameras should be weatherproof. You might want to think about using wireless cameras to avoid the need to have everything wired. Having night vision cameras is a good idea for indoor or outdoor cameras. This enables you to see what is going on even if there aren’t any lights on in the area.


You also have to decide if you want color or black-and-white footage. This usually comes down to personal preference. More important than that is what type of resolution the videos are in. You should find the highest resolution home security camera system that is in your budget.


Also, consider what type of alarm system you want to use. Having one with off-site monitoring can increase safety since someone will alert the authorities if there is any suspicious activity, such as a sensor reporting unauthorized openings.


When you have someone come out to install your home alarm system, you need to know that you can count on service after the sale. Anderson Access has a physical location, as well as a 24-hour mobile service so you can feel assured with your decision.